"I struggled for quite a while
to get everything right yet
im not done, send help aaaa"

I'm me »

I attempt to reach out as much as possible to find a bigger audience both in art and music.
Will you be one in the crowd? Look through my galleries and see if you can find something you like!

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Imagination is a big part of who we are or choose to be. Really, it works both ways, but it also works in crafting.
Wether it be digital or physical, here you can find the works of my main hobby as an artist!

here! »

Im not a professional, but i still think creating sounds and melodies can be fun.
Despite not knowing how to do most things, i take this hobby very seriously. Maybe you might find something you enjoy?

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contact me? »

I find myself wandering across the web quite a lot. Mostly to communicate and stay updated on things.
So contacting me shouldnt be all too hard.